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Before proceeding, please  read  these terms and conditions. This applies to all types of requests. :

1.  Please be specific  in filling up  the request form.
2.  No hotlinking. Upload pictures on your own sever.
3.  It will be a waste of my time  if you don't use what I made for you.
4. I suggest you use HQ pictures so it would look more awesome.
5. Never forget to credit me . Because I made it. :D
6. Absolutely no ripping of my creations
7. It will take me about 1-3 weeks to finish your requests.

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Monday, November 1, 2010


Yep, we just opened yesterday... and now accepting aspiring applicants to join out CHAOTIC family... Anyone wanna join, just click on the "apply" tab below the "Navigate" pane.

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