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inspired by weheartit
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Before proceeding, please  read  these terms and conditions. This applies to all types of requests. :

1.  Please be specific  in filling up  the request form.
2.  No hotlinking. Upload pictures on your own sever.
3.  It will be a waste of my time  if you don't use what I made for you.
4. I suggest you use HQ pictures so it would look more awesome.
5. Never forget to credit me . Because I made it. :D
6. Absolutely no ripping of my creations
7. It will take me about 1-3 weeks to finish your requests.

I agree to these terms above


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Project: K.I.

Annyeong to everyone!!! chaoticworld has launched it's first project!!!! yay. click on the "projects" link to find out more.

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